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Who, or rather what, are these people?

“The prime minister’s adviser on enterprise, Lord Young, has told the cabinet that the economic downturn is an excellent time for new businesses to boost profits and grow because labour is cheap, the Observer can reveal.”

It doesn’t need me to point out that our democracy is under constant threat from unelected individuals but this first paragraph of an article in today’s Observer really stuck in my throat.

Sure we need healthy businesses as part of any economic revival but surely we also need a population that can afford to buy from those businesses, the other side of the equation?  How on God’s earth does actively promoting the benefits of low wages – and ignoring the needs of the electorate at large – achieve both these needs?

You might think it but I couldn’t possibly comment on whether this is just another rung in the ladder towards the impoverishment of 99% of our population so that business can make more profit.  

Pure, unadulterated greed on top of economic illiteracy would be my take.



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